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Welcome to the Daughters of Isabella, a gathering of women who thru sharing, make friends and unify with women of the Catholic Faith.  By healing hearts changes can emerge in a loving and formidable way.   

As women of the Catholic Church, are you looking for a way to share your gifts from the heart? Come, then, share those talents help all women of the Church move forward and bring forth change in a manner that is befitting our Faith.  By embracing and living our mission statement we can make a difference in our Church, families and communities and charities through our various projects, volunteer service and financial gifts.

We invite you to join us, gain from the spiritual benefits as we share with you in Unity, Friendship and Charity.  It is my hope that we, the Daughters of Isabella, can offer you something that will help you enrich your lives spiritually as well as helping you find answers to your needs.


Jackie Dostie-Smith

State Regent


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